Rapid Assessment and Recovery

Project Recovery

 There are many reason why a project goes bad. The real skill is in turning that project around quickly and making everything click again. The key is finding the root cause and fixing it. This has to be done quickly and a recovery plan put in place that will get your project back on the correct path.  

 A RAPID ASSESSMENT must be performed and then a RECOVERY PLAN is put in place. 

 When a project goes off path at first it is very difficult to see because it is such a small impact. But as the project goes further down the timeline, the issues can become a much larger impact until the project is in crisis. 

 RAPID ASSESSMENT: This step will assess the overall health of the project and root cause as to why the project is failing. This must be done to determine if the project can be saved and/or how bad is it. 

 RECOVERY PLAN:   This plan will take into account all aspects of the project and document the recovery. This included tools, personal, programs, processes, companies, etc. Here we will address the root causes and put in processes/tools to eliminate them.