Meet Our Team

Taha Raja

 Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant

  • NetSuite Practice Manager based out of Houston
  • Deep understanding of the needs of business owners based on first hand experience
  • Previously worked for NASA - BS in Aerospace Engineering

Steve Hyham

 Sr. NetSuite Project Manager

  • 25+ years of project management
  • Known for composing winning paths for success
  • Expertise for developing and deploying eCommerce applications for growing companies
  • NetSuite Project Management Expert

Mike Flynn

 Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant

  • Spent more than a decade improving the internal operations and technical infrastructure of companies large and small
  • A history of rolling out successful IT and software projects
  • A huge proponent of the SaaS model 
  • Implemented and managed NetSuite as an in house administrator
  • His background as a NetSuite customer has made him a very effective enginee

Lisa Cooke

 Client Success Manager

  • Expert at assisting in the customer side of NetSuite projects. As a Client Success Manager, I become part of the client side of any project and provide project expertise.
  • Fill knowledge gaps and help the customers pave a path to success. I maintain a high level working knowledge of NetSuite
  • Maintain a high level working knowledge of NetSuite. With this I am able to communicate with both the client and development sides to bridge skill gaps and eliminate project RISK!

Ron Shaw

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Ron is a long time NetSuite ERP Consultant. Jumping into the consulting role after running his own very successful company on NetSuite for many years.  

  • Warehouse and Distribution 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Amazing drive to solve and complete tasks!  NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Yusuf Frosh

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Yusuf's background in accounting and quickbooks makes him the perfect NetSuite consultant. After years in the industry managing both the customer side and consulting side he knows how to provide a solid path to success! 

  • Very strong accounting 
  • Can quickly come up to speed on new issues 
  • Provides out-of-the-box thinking 
  • Communication and follow up is his specialty 

Zackery Hyham

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Zackery Hyham is a valued member of the Power Cloud team. While mostly working behind the scenes his team drive keeps all the wheels turning at full speed! 

Shalakay Gibbs

NetSuite ERP Consultant

Shalakay has over a decade of Functional NetsSuite experience with a focus on Analytics & Governance, Risk and Compliance. She is a NetSuite Learning Provider and holds both the NetSuite Administrator and Suite Foundation Certifications.

Farrukh Naveed

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Farrukh Naveed is a senior ERP consultant with total 9 years of professional experience including about 7 years of Retail ERP industry experience. He is NetSuite Certified Financial User and SuiteFoundation Certificates holder and has performed several complex implementations in past. 

Farrukh has performed technical, functional, product management, auditing and compliance, and accounting roles in past that makes him a very strong candidate for any type of ERP implementation. 

Mufaddal Motiwala

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

ERP Certified Consultant keeps up to date with all of today's latest technologies and overs the best solutions to his customers. 

Steve Ducros

 NetSuite ERP Consultant 

Steve is a 25 year expert in ERP implementation. His specialties are in supply chain and data normalization. His background in accounting and cloud environments make him the perfect NetSuite consultant!